On November 14, 2017, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) released a new set of filing fees, as shown through this link.
  Notable fee changes include:

  • Application Filing Fee: $300 (up from $280)
  • Provisional Application Filing Fee: $280 (up from $260)
  • Utility Search Fee: $660 (up from $600)
  • Utility Examination Fee: $760 (up from $720)
  • Total Application Fee (Filling + Search + Examination): $1720 (up from $1600)
  • Reissue Examination Fee: $2200 (up from $2160)
  • Extra independent claims: $460/claim (up from $420/claim)
  • Extra dependent claims: $100/claim (up from $80/claim)
  • Request for Continued Examination (RCE) Fee – 1st Request: $1300 (up from $1200)
  • RCE Fee – 2nd/Subsequent Requests: $1900 (up from $1700)
  • Submission of an Information Disclosure Statement Fee: $240 (up from $180)
  • Certificate of Correction Fee: $150 (up from $100)
  • Inter Partes Review Request Fee: $15,500 (up from $9,000)
  • Inter Partes Review Post-Institution Fee: $15,000 (up from $14,000)

The USPTO also implemented a new fee to encourage timely filing of sequence listings in international applications as another way to facilitate the effective administration of the patent system.  When an applicant does not provide a sequence listing in searchable format with the international application or provides a defective sequence listing, the United States, acting as International Searching Authority (ISA/US) or as International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA/US), must issue an invitation to the applicant to provide the missing or corrected sequence listing. This “Late Furnishing Fee for Providing a Sequence Listing in Response to an Invitation under PCT Rule 13ter” is $300.

These USPTO fee changes go into effect January 16, 2018.